So I had new item ideas for Rust. Anyone else got some?

So pretty much a quickly thrown together concept for a makeshift suppressor made from a can. I was thinking this has no use in the game since there’s no situation I see this item being in anyone’s favor, but maybe long range with the bolt action? Maybe later in new updates a long range sniper could be added? Maybe. This “Stealth” attachment could work with a little tweaking like it may fall apart on you at random times giving away your position, or greatly decreasing the range of the sound your gun makes.

And a dagger that could obviously be swiped faster than a sword or cleaver with little damage and short range. Maybe behind attacks could be critical attacks. Sneaking with it would reward you with massive damage on a right click charge attack.

Good suggestions, and a lot of people would love some rusty weapon attatchments as well as a new knife. I would like to see the knife used as the best tool to harvest animals as well,since it onlymakes sense (a hatchet is a terrible butchering tool). Also, if you did the art, great job!

Why use a can though? with vehicles being in Rust(either working or wrecks) we could use Vehicle Oil Filters as suppressors they work really well, and all you need to do make is an attachment for joining the Oil Filter to the Gun.

I used a can because it’s sort of an easy model to display really, but an oil filter is just as easy to display if not more. I like that idea. In a while I could whip up a quick concept for that.

True, your idea is fine, we could have more options for suppressors if used both our ideas. The Oil Filter could be the lowest tier, then the Can Suppressor and then really well made suppressors for the top tier. Each would suppress sound at various levels according to which ever tier it belongs too.