SO I have found something that even google can't help me with

So I’ve been searching around for a few days for any reason for why my Rust server browser will not display to me more than 100 or so servers MAXIMUM. Before I came back to Rust there were only about 100 or so servers up, so this wouldn’t seem to weird to me, but when I log in on my other computer On my college campuses wifi i see upward of 1500 servers between officials, modded, etc.

If this isn’t weird enough, whenever i try to connect to any of the 5 or so servers that have more than 0 players out of the 100 i can see on my primary computer, it will load for a brief amount of time then send me back to the browser with the message saying “Error trying to connect”. or something along those lines.

My internet provider isn’t very good, (It’s my local, expensive provider) the internet is fast when it works, but the vast majority of the time it will be connected but unable to load internet browsers, or load them extremely slow.

Yada yada internet problems, It may be useful information to someone who would be helpful enough to assist me

Your router/modem may be too old, or broken, try testing your connection to places like and see if it isn’t your connection being throttled or so, or you can contact your internet provider and work something out.

Sounds like problems I had with my own internet provider a few years ago.

Just curious though, who is your provider in your area? It may be just the type of service you’re getting, like maybe DSL, or dial up or whatever.

It’s Brighthouse, pretty sure that’s only Florida though

I had that problem about two weeks ago. All I did was uninstall and clean steam and reinstall rust and problem solved. I’m not saying that is the case for you, just what happened to work in my situation.

I tried uninstalling, but that didn’t do anything by itself. What do you mean “clean steam”

I appreciate all the help you guys are providing though. :slight_smile:

Im sure he means uninstall Steam, not just Rust