So, I just activated my Steam key......Whats changed?

What exactly does me typing in a key into my Steam account do? Is the game still browser based? Whats changed?

it’s a steam key so it activates it? Of course

being that it would be on steam negates the browser thing. It’s easier to manage and update in a browser after all.

The game is no longer in browser when you play on steam and plus there should be a little FPS increase :slight_smile:

It reduces RAM usage and fixed a lot of start up crashes. Also, some people report to have FPS boost.

I don’t get it. so its activated on Steam? I thought we were all getting hyped for the Steam keys because it was getting moved from a browser based game to a Steam download? I’ve havent been able to play Rust for over a week now. Unity loads (with no moving background like before, just a small facepunch logo in the centre of a grey background) but then crashes when it gets to 100%.

Read. Before. You. Post.

That was the first thing I read, do you mean double clicking the server? I’ve tried that but Unity still crashes once fully loaded. Unity seems to be the problem here, it just wont load the game without crashing! Mega frustrating.

Are you using Steam or web version?

How do I use the Steam version?

Get the key from and activate it on Steam. I told you to read that first article, didn’t I?

I already did this before I posted?? Is Rust supposed to show up in my Steam games or something?


Okay well that settles it, then there is obviously something wrong here. Should I try enter my code again?

Restart Steam…

There we go, what a kerfuffle. Thanks guys.

Yes! But you might have to restart Steam before it will show.

for me it runs worse than web version