So I just bought garrys mod because of summer sale...

and its been one hell of a headache. Games fun, but there so many technical issues and things I have manually do that I can’t even imagine why they release this thing.

Heres a timeframe list of things I had to go through after buy it:

  1. Ok, great Garrys Mod is ready! Time for some multiplayer fun!
  2. Waits 30 minutes to download 2000 files that I won’t even see in game.
  4. Ok so I have to download addons for this. But what addons??!?!
  5. Lets just go to the official addons page and download the top 10.
  6. 5 hours later and I’m finally done installing everything
  7. Joins server … waits another 30 minutes.
  8. Fun time for 10 minutes.
  9. WTF error
  10. WTF it won’t run again
  11. Uninstall garrys mod
  12. Reinstall… 140 mb? I dont think thats right…
  13. IT WONT RUN.
  14. spends 10 minutes typing in the security code to register for this forum so i can get help.
  15. Finally got this account.
  16. And theres where I am currently. Garry’s Mod is NOT user friendly.

A recent update pretty much broke everything. A fix should fix it.
About multiplayer and downloading everything, you should play in singleplayer first just to get a good idea of the game.

Most of the online servers have Wiremod or PHX installed, so it needs to download those to you. The errors, eh. Try Single Player for a bit to get used to everything.

Ninja’d in that last part by about three seconds.

Well you see, you bought the game in the middle of a game breaking update.

In other words, wait and the game will work :wink:

It is, you joined a bad server that forced you to download 3000 models, join a normal sandbox server. Oh and the errors and probbably PHX and/or wire

You picked a fantastic time to get garry’s mod, it was just updated about half an hour ago which broke everything. It’ll be fixed soon though, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

You are dumb.

You should have asked the people on the server what mods were running, then go make sure you have them. If you don’t have them, get them.
The Error signs mean that you are missing models that the game is using.

Thanks guys, now I know I’m not the only one with all these problems. A bit of a relief :smiley:

He wouldn’t really be able to ask what files were installed without going into the server…and that would involve downloading the stuff anyway for a half-hour like he said.

Yeah dude when I got gmod I stopped playing for a month or two. It dose have alot of issues and the loading screen is long. I find myself spending more time editing lua files and moving things around then playing. But After you get it all figured out you will have a great time.

Also at the moment there was a gmod update and it screwed everyone. Just wait for a fix.

Alright, a quick patch was released. Everything should work now.

@stud muffin

Yep I was being stupid. I did ask after installing all that shit and all I needed was phx3 and wiremod. D:

Slow typer. And you do not know how to copy paste.

well as i know now is that “Create Multiplayer” and “SinglePlayer” is working now… now we just need to wait for our favorite servers to Update so we can Join them.

Play singleplayer first goddamn it
Is it that hard to be alone for five minutes while you figure out how to use the game?

i like single player. it warms up my mingbag reflex for dem roll play servers!!!

Yes, as everyone has said, PHX and Wire are the top two addons. I personally hate PHX, unoptimized shitty models /rant.

Anyway join a normal sandbox server on flatgrass or construct. Kinda mess around a bit and ask for some help if needed. There might be the occasional error but just ask what it is and DL it later. Soon you might get bored of sandbox, so try to find another gamemode. And please for fuck’s sake do not go on an RP server (DarkRP, PERP, whatever), they’ll only lead you to annoyance.

Getting used to messing with addon folders and the like takes a bit. Once you figure it out, it’ll only take a few seconds to do that (besides the actual download).

FYI, addons that you have and the server doesn’t can’t be used.

I have something to say. The 140 mb download is not a part of the update. I keep trying to reinstall gmod, and i have before these updates occured. Everytime i do, it says Disk Space Required for Download: 190 mb
I’m not sure why and I’m deleting all of the files, except my addons which are stored elsewhere. Idk whats making his happen but it’s quite annoying because im missing a few textures, and when its a fresh install, there is no maps folder, no models folder, and a few other things missing. Of course when i go to a server it downloads the map and then there is one, but still it’s very annoying to miss the gun holding animation. they are holding 60 pound assault rifles like pistols.

Typical person aswell, first thing he does is go into Multiplayer, who does this?

I always go into Singleplayer first.


Also you JUST got GMod so don’t be expecting to be able to get on a server without having to download like a bazzilion files, since the Typical GMod Player must have everything Half Life 2 Related known to date crammed into GMod.

ask valve for a refund or threaten to sue, it’s become ridiculous now.