So i managed to get a key and so far my experience is,

Spawn in look around see 3 people looking at me then instantly kill me ok so just a bad spawn so i try again Spawn randomly same thing look around see someone looking at me with friends i start to type friendly and BAM! dead again.

I have been playing for the best part of an hour and nothing new to report just the same over and over. Death and respawn!

I honestly dont know why i’m still playing! As soon as you spawn death is waiting! the chat box disappears so you cant read the chat unless on a second screen with the events page up. But then it makes no difference as it is full of fanboys screaming death to everyone because thats cool…

Will update when i get a chance to move more then 3 feet and explore and “TEST” the game

Here’s a free key


did you even read

I already had a key and i’m playing the game but its impossible to test the game or even play it as its full of people killing on site following in certain peoples footsteps

My tip, don’t waste time once you spawn. start running, and keep running. radiated area? no problem keep running. I’ve ran for about 30 minutes and now have a nice place where i’ve started a base. but haven’t seen a single zombie there yet

Actually works.
Just made 30 accounts.