So I managed to glitch past the radiation wall....

First of all no. I won’t tell you HOW I did it, only that I DID do it. It was a long and painful process which took me the better part of twenty minutes to do.

And what did I find? A barren wasteland full of nothing but trees and hills. Still though, it DID show me just how big the island of Rust is, and that once the game is polished and finished, it is going to be MUCH bigger than the DayZ stand alone map. Probably twice as big by the looks of things.

Proof that I made it? Here you go.

Morgan Freeman “accent”. LOL

I love your voice.

maybe this is why you shouldn’t kos


It is cool, but theres nothing there. No minerals, or food, so you just starve over and over, which is a shame.

I sound like an idiot and hate my voice but yeah, when I made it past the rad wall I was laughing all the way to the other side of the map…

I find your voice pretty normal, you don’t sound like an idiot.
Lucky that you recorded the chat spam, he could probably get banned.
I suppose you could actually live out there if you brought a whole team of people, some with inventories full of stacks of Cooked meat, but it would be too much, and be boring out there.

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Also, couldn’t you beat the radiation wall just by bringing a bed, and repeatedly dying to Radiation, placing your bed just before you do?

nah man your voice is pretty decent, to bad about the lack of resources otherwise i’d build my house on one of those mountains ^^

Tried that but you end up with over 10k radiation and die within a second of spawning.

oh shit… i didnt beleive you… you get the last laugh, GOOD JOB :smiley:

Lots of pills?

Great to see that the map is that big, well done for getting that far man and thanks for the info, props for recording it and posting it up :slight_smile:

It’s ok. I forgive you :downs:

maybe this is why you shouldnt kos

Just kidding, funny enough I let my friend play on my account while I was out for a drive yesterday. He didn’t say anything about doing this when I came back except saying “rust sucks”. Not sure why he was raging over an alpha game but whatever, it just illuminates the need for an ignore or mute function. :v:

not sure why you said he was doing it for 2 hours though, i couldnt have been gone for longer than 40 minutes

To be fair they need to bring back the option to disable chat and the actions needs to be on a seperate chat panel.

im on youtubes xP

I can’t imagine how amazing Rust will be when it’s finished. . .

I’ve already drawn up plans for a super fortress on a mountain I passed.

Would be cool if they included caves and such.

I was there too couple o’ weeks ago, I wanted to build a huge ass fort and even had a it of wood, sadly then the radiation suddenly decided to actually harm me.