So I read about the Gman Virus

Has it been fixed or does it still rampage out there?

It stopped existing 5 years ago

you mean when gmod 9 was out?
damn, i should study my shit more

GMod 9 was in 2004/2005 area yo’

What was the Gman virus?
I lost interest in Gmod for a while and only came back just before Gmod 13 was released.

The recent “Cough Virus” is pretty much what the GMan Virus was.
Back in 2009, a group of players were getting pissed off with how much drama was in the SeriousRP community, and how Pulsar Effect RP was starting to steal players from all their precious HL2RP servers, so someone made a virus which at first was spreaded by players joining a server titled “PERP 2.0 Beta” and these players were forced to walk down a long black tunnel with a light at the end.

Once they got through the tunnel, the screen faded to white, and had some message akin to, “This is what all RP gamemodes are like… Actually go outside in RL, and do something with your life” and then kicked them from the server. Once this was completed, the players DUA folder was infected with the first part of the virus known as the “Chrisaster Virus” which essentially made you run around in circles when you joined a server shouting, “OMGOMGOMGOMG CHRIS LIKES LLAMAS” and this was pretty much harmless. It got a few players banned for sounding like idiots, and that was about it. Over the period of a week, the virus progressively spread out to multiple players who’d join the “PERP 2.0” server, and by about the time a 1000 players had been infected with the Chrisaster virus, the second phase was initiated. The second phase launched an all out attack on any server running DarkRP or Tacoscript code, infecting players with a virus that forcefully overrided the player’s screen with the facemap for the GMan, and played the fast-zombie shout/howl at the loudest possible volume.
If a player was in your server with the original Chrisaster virus, it’d spread the virus to every other player on the server.

I have heard rumors that it also had a special cocktail mixture for players who had admin powers, but those rumors were never confirmed really. Supposedly anyone with admin powers had multiple trojan site links opened via their internet browser, and those trojans would infect the users computer, killing off entire admin teams for certain gaming communities.

The final known phase of the “Gman” or “Chrisaster” virus was several communities having their servers code, model, and other folders wiped clean. This effectively was the final nail in the coffin for any server which wasn’t protected properly, and would overall destroy a few months of work, and just another rumor, some people theorized it was akin to the now known Stuxnet, which had the virus lay dormant, waiting for another chance to strike out and cause more damage.

The harshest reality for any Garry’s Modder to remember is that back in the old days of Garry’s Mod, you actually had to install anti-clientside virus addons. Stuff like the “Cough Virus” were pretty common place back in GMod 9 and early GMod 10.