So I took a hand at sloping surfaces

Satyria the ladie gave me the idea of using triangles to make easy sloped surface transistions; one of the more difficult things to do in gmod due to the amount of props and or time it takes to form these joints.
fucking pain in the ass.

However my design came out quite well, and has excellent armor protection to boot.

After a battle with maximash (he used my Tiger, and damaged my cannon, but not after a long winded slinging of sabot darts :v)

It is about 60% complete, but is in combat usable condition; however it lacks details and is crudely built on some places (however I like it this way, it reminds me of the old gmod days. :D) I used a Panther and a T34 as inspiration. uses acf.


added some details

Oh hey this. Nice angles. I like the turret.

And I sure hope “ladie” is pronounced [laddy]


Very nice. Looks like it’s meant for speed. How fast can it actually go?

it goes about 25mph. Not incredibly fast, but fast enough.


saty the lady

Slopety slope slope.


Looks nice, those shapes are the fucking piss to make in gmod, I remember it from making mah T-34. pain.

Good job, well done

Then you should see my version. It was like you said a pain in the ass but I managed somehow :V

Fuck you, Karbine :3

Ah nice you added the details to the back, niec. :stuck_out_tongue:


on a roap

Excellent work Karbine…

I’ve always just stacked up like 10 props to do that lol.

Good work!


how is it tibbles always has a polite/nice/friendly x1 ?

are you rating yourself … ? o.o

those are easy to make i made like 3 on one progressively smaller for a gun


looks better with no wheels. Like a hover tank.

this is sucky

Yeah leave teh wheels off and make it hover with expression2, should be easy. Then have like turbine thingees stickin out the back like for it’s propulsion. Mouse-Aim gunner on top would be nawyce, always be sure to have some kind of energy weapon for the main gun, oh and cloaking would be nice… also I think possible with expression2… Damn I need cable >.>

jeez how can you say hover with e2 without saying apply force