So I want a shopping cart

I’ve been planning on another project, but it won’t work unless I have a shopping cartmodel. I searched and found this one - however it doesn’t seem to show up on the list (I’m pretty sure I installed it correctly, I’m pretty experienced with installing addons/models in Garrys Mod).

Is it actually the download that’s broken, or is it me doing it wrong? Can anyone possibly share/point me in the right direction for a working shopping cart model? Thanks in advance.

Are you just unzipping it into your addons folder? It’s not in addon format; you can add an info.txt yourself (copy it from another addon and edit it) or just drop the models/materials folders in the main GMod folder. Also, you’ll have to find it in Browse because it doesn’t come with a spawnlist.

I did the addons suggestion, and I got it working.

Luckily I noticed that the model was called “caddie” beforehand, which would’ve confused me horribly otherwise. Thanks for the help!