So I want to get started with Lua.

I haven’t done any lua before (Unless you count e2 which I hear is similar?).

Im fairly new to coding. Im doing computing at college and we use delphi so I have done a bit of that.

Im used to the basics of coding etc, but where do I start learning lua? I just want to write some stuff for gmod at the moment really.


If you already have a bit experience, I recommend you looking at examples to see the differences between E2/Delphi and Lua.
I always learn from examples.

I’d start off by reading these:

Read this

What lua editor should I use? Im using notepad++ at the moment, is this good? What is better?

Also I have seen some lua highlights things for notepad++ , if these are useful could someone give me a link?

I use notepad++ and I love it. I’d just stick to it. And yeah, read the lua pill too, that CowThing sent you.

Notepad++ is probably the most popular Lua editor, but another good one is Sublime Text 2. Both of these have Lua highlighting by default, but it’s only for standard Lua, not Garry’s Mod Lua. I know people have made Glua highlighters for both, but I’m not sure where they are or how up to date they are.

The N++ highlighter can be downloaded inside n++ using it’s plugin installer, you can find it named “Gmod Lua Lexer”

If you get Sublime Text (which is awesome, although it’s paid) you should download this plugin.

I think it’s the most up to date one.