So I want to make an NPC.

I’ve searched everywhere. I’ve googled every configuration of words I could imagine. I even made a profile on here so I could ransack facepunch’s search function with the force of a thousand suns.

Alas, I’m not turning up anything. The only hint I have is from various Gmod addons descriptions mentioning being hexed, and I read that tutorial posted by Silver Spirit about hexing props and such.

Now, down the road, my goal is to create custom NPC’s with their own animations and voices; but at the moment, since I’m new to Gmod/modding in general (only prior experience being with mapmaking for Halo Custom Edition) I should start very simple.

**My Goal:**Create an NPC using the Faith playermodel found HERE, based off the Citizen NPC.

Any help and/or direction would be greatly appreciated, as I really have searched high and low.

I am having the same issue. I cannot find anything on making an npc and or how to script it.

tried that and when i downloaded it, it didnt appear in game. I also tried moving it to other places but with no luck.

Its in tools.

Thanks man, I’ll give it a shot; but I’m assuming this is just an easy way of doing it?

Edit: after trying it out and reading the description, this is a nice way to test ragdolls for proper bone structure; but in the end it isn’t quite what I’m looking for. Thanks for the tool anyways though! Great for testing the ragdolls.

I know its supposed to be but what im saying is it isnt. Anyways based on Mr. Gruntsworth’s post, its not what were looking for.

Let’s make a pact. First one to discover a tutorial or other information, will PM the other.

Try the Garrysmod Lua wiki.

Nope, nothing there. Closest thing is how to make an npc shop.

The player models are different from the NPC models. You should look into the modeling stuff if you want to make a NPC. What you need to do is decompile this model, and recreate it’s bones for an NPC rather than a player model.

Could you explain how to do that exactly.

please and thank you.