So i was Blazed when i made this... And i want to continue it.

What could i extend to make this an RP map?

I’ve never heard anyone say “blazed”

If you mean baked, or buzzed, then that makes more sense.

I was stoned off my ass to where i could barely see straight…

Give us some in-game screenshots instead of crappy Hammer ones, get this thread closed and use the Pimpage thread instead.

Copy paste that part 20 times, and you’re done with your rp map. They won’t even notice.

But there isn’t any gun stores!!!

The word blazed is used in my area.

Now imagine what you could do if you used imagination instead of drugs. Maybe you could have something worthwhile.

Drugs give you a great imagination.

You don’t need to be an ass about it, I bet if somebody drank a few beers while mapping you wouldn’t care

Can we seriously stop talking about how bad drugs are and get on topic

You should probably refrain from parading about that you’re high, even though I have before on here. At least I realized it made me look like an asshole. Map looks like shit by the way, cheers.

Marijuana in conjunction with imagination yields some pretty interesting results, and please don’t pull the drugs are bad card, it’s obvious that the map looks like shit because he’s a shitty mapper, not because of marijuana.

Put on some buildings around it.

Well, you should add about 50 useless buildings and remove the cars, afterwards finishing the road so it loops around.

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When you’re high you have a better imagination.
Unless you’re using a hallucinogen, then you make a brick wall with the default texture and call it a masterpiece.

Imagination and skill don’t go hand in hand. I don’t have the skill in hammer that i would like, yet i can come up with games ideas and design theories that are very independent.

Thing is, the stuff that the sonic team came up with when they were on their special mushrooms was weird. This, while apparently “in the zone” is about as artistic as that German inflatable dog turd. I think you must still be high if you think that that looks any good.

And i will pull the drugs are bad card. I’ll also pull the drinking to get drunk is bad card too. Maybe it’s just my morals, or the fact that i don’t want either one messing up my health more than it is at the moment. Either way, don’t start saying that drugs help the imagination, this is a perfect example of an area where it hasn’t.

How about you stop pulling that bullshit into the thread. The OP asked if he should continue the map, not what your opinions on drug and alcohol abuse are.

Every post in here has been covering their opinions, why can’t i state mine?

It actually all started with your post:

Actually it started with that one.

No not really, because no one made a big deal out of it. It started when you came in and provided a negative comment.

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how about we end this here and continue on with the thread ok