So I was thinking of making a machinima but...

In order to make it I would need to do this:Make an auto-aiming turret using Gcombat that will target a certain point of a moving objecdt (in my case the wing of an airplane).How do I do it!?

Just make it in too shots, use one camera angle where you see the turret, then show the plane moving in the sky, and weld a turret out of site, facing the wing tuen fire the gun, que explosion and wobble effects of the plane.

That’s how I’d do it.

But then again my movies apparently suck and I “put no effort into making them”.

Well I able to get some guy to help me out and man the gun himself…Now to find a way to do this:
There will be a shot of the pilot in the seat with a small screen on wich there are green light indicating the segments of airplane.I need one light to go from green to red or just to turn off. Then as the pilot gets out of the sea the back door of the plane opens ,he jumps out and it explodes!

You can do all that on your own, just don’t have the plane and the camera in the same shots and it can look good, but if you want the plane in the shop you might want something like Sony Vegas, then you can add a layer of film on top where you can film the plane in flight and exploding in one part of the screen and another where the guy is shooting the gun.

Here is how I want this to look:
It starts as the camera sees both the airplane and the gun.One of the guys gets on the gun,aims it and fires.It hits the airplane(all in the same shot).Then the camera switches to behind the pilots head to show that the light indicating the left wing has turned off.The pilot gets out and starts running back (the camera follows him),jumps out, the camera switches to an angle where we could see the pilot just jumped out and the airplane behind him and then KA-BOOM!

Then you would need to create something in wire, or, i think there is a tween tool you can use to move the plane, and then you just in the background sit in the gun and fire at the plane, then you can do the rest with Ragmorph.