So I would like to begin modeling for Source games...

Basically Gmod and TF2. Where should I begin? I can already texture mod to a certain extent, but where are some good tutorials for modeling, and what programs will I need?

Valve has resources for that, check out the Valve Developer Wiki for tools (Which include Softimage XSI as the primary modeler)

if u dont already know this stuff than its going to take sometime. first take pics of ur self and make reference models, use the reference models to model ur self into w/e program ur using, texture it, rig it (you might need to animate it if it doenst match the valve biped), have fun. it might take a while from where you are but you can do it with a little patience and hard work. once u make the model take a look here:

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Who said he wants to model himself?

No, I would like to make SWEPs and stuff.

Ah. A SWEP is just a few lines of code (assuming it’s using someone else’s base, like garry’s “Counter-Strike” weapons). The real tough work is making the model and texture, and in this case rigging. Making SWEPs requires you to make a viewmodel for Source, which is going to be complicated. I’d suggest you start with a simple model such as a chair, and move on to viewmodels when you’re comfortable with the process.

Your first step is to download and be comfortable with a 3D modeling program. Popular programs that Facepunchers use include 3Ds Max, Blender, Milkshape 3D, Wings 3D, and XSI. I use and prefer 3Ds Max, though XSI has the most tutorials oriented towards it, and is the easiest to export and compile models for Source. Supposedly, Valve uses it to create models for their games – so there’s really no need to worry about Source compatibility.

When you have a model and texture in your 3D modeling program, there are usually boatloads of tutorials for exporting and compiling (depending on which program you’re using). Those can help you from there.

Thanks, will Gmax work?