So I'm gonna get GMod soon...

Should I get the TF2 Bundle, or Counter-Strike?

CS:S, map textures are mandatory.

Tf2 is optional, but a good choice. Also, there is a garrys mod section for this.

TF2 isn’t really used on public servers, but it is the best to use for videos (I love good TF2 machinimas)

Like above, CS:S is mandatory for a lot of gamemodes, or you’ll just see ERROR or black/purple textures.

tf2 is a better game but gmod utilises a lot more textures and models from css

ive noticed that so CS:S bundle would be the best to go for

CS:S bundle is the best to go for, or you’ll be experiencing alot of missing textures.

Although you could get the CS:S + Gmod combo, and the Orangebox, as it’s so cheap now.

TF2 is actually a good game, do you want 2 good games? or 1 good game and some textures?

Flip a coin and just go with it.

Yes, but would he rather end up playing a game he didn’t intend on playing so much, or buy two games which can both be fun.

1 Good game and some textures in this case, there is nothing worse than loading a popular map just to see purple and black everywhere.

He would play tf2 if he got it.

Or he could get CS:S and the Orange box, which is better value, instead of then having to buy CS:S later.

css is good. you remind me of the person going OMG AWP HORE!!! OMG SPRAPYER!1

You should probaly save your money and get the whole valve pack considering TF2 and CSS both hold high points in the game.

And quite possibly be put off by the missing textures and models in GMod.

CSS in itself is actually rather fun. Giant throbbing ERRORS and checkerboard textures are not.

CS:S bundle for sure. You’ll be glad you did. :slight_smile:

i just bought cs:s and the orange box im getting gmod soon though

get cs:s and hl2 and hl2dm and hl2 ep 2 and 1 and tf2. and portal. it will help you alot ^^