So I'm redoing my server entirely, and want your opinion on a gamemode + addons

I’m not getting enough people on my DarkRP server, and really I’m getting sick of DarkRP altogether. I want another gamemode to run but I don’t know what I should be using. I definitely wanna incorporate PointsMod into my server because one of the things I liked about roleplaying in general is that by doing things correctly you earn a lasting reward (usually money in RP gamemodes). I’ll take suggestions for any gamemodes and I’ll look into what they are and how they work. If I find one I really like I’ll definitely get it.


Make a server based on those creepy maps! Like gm_ghosthunt. It would be fun and I would definately join in :slight_smile:

You know that would actually be a good idea for a server.
Creepy maps being played, and there is only a few players that walk around (usually only one person should be "walking around), and there would be other players that try to scare and hunt them. The walking players would get some basic things like flashlights and stuff, but not have the ability to attack; as for the people trying to scare them, they can see very well in the dark, and do very high damage but be very slow (or low damage, if they are fast monsters).

tl;dr amnesia online

Exactly my thoughts! :smiley:

I’d play it if it were like amnesia online

Me too, sounds awesome.

After wiping the jizz that came out of my eyes from reading that, I must agree. A gamemode/server like that would kick ass, and would be one of my favorites. Make it happen, OP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wohoo :smiley: my idea became epic in Depre- something’s eyes.
I would make one if I didn’t already pay for one server’s fee.

Something other than wire build and DarkRP would def be awesome. I tried hosting gm_ghosthunt on my server, it works well with less than 10 players.

Heard of Hidden: Source?

Ain’t always scary.