So it seems the DDos is back again

Hello, first of all i’d like to say that RUST is one of the best Alphas i played so far and also one of the most stable.

But good god. There has to be a way to fix these DDos attacks
I mean there is no way that guy is attacking the Servers for 3 days now

Get a fix for this soon,

waiting eating cookies for the DDos Guy to die

Laggs starting again

Good look to all out there

(User was banned for this post ("stop making threads about this already" - postal))

What’s the point of this thread?

i guess a little News and also shouting out my opinion

Oh btw water is wet and World War 2 is over!

wow what friendly community.

acting like little kids again :smile:

While this is open I might as well say

I hope they fix this issue soon… it’s an alpha I enjoy so i will simply say the constant DDoS is saddening

Lol :stuck_out_tongue: Yup I’m not surprised, Rust has to fix stuff on their end so this can be prevented.

Sorry But that is dumb… I didn’t see anyone really attacking you, 1 person asking what did you plan to achieve from this and someone putting in a light way that you are stating the obvious, the DDoS is annoying everyone so no need to be a kid yourself

Yes you are probably right with that

but for myself i take that like they try to make people look like idiots by writing this

solution: invade france

It feels like a playground here.

Lets stop the conversation about whos a little kid or anything else continue with the post

the world is our oyster :wink:

Fact that the networking library can be crashed/exploited with NULL packets is worrying. At present im sure facepunch could create a type of gateway/proxy between the servers and outside world, and just filter out the traffic that has the issue, granted this would require more processing power to achieve the goal but should resolve the issue until the same person decides to run syn style DDoS attacks against them.

nah, just nuke france, but get the hot chicks out first…we need new strippers in 'merica!:quagmire:

Problem solved.

I read everywhere about france being the attackers. Where do you guys get this information?
Am I missing out something?

Wow man, you’re really clever!
How come the developers of uLink or Facepunch never just did this?

Damn you outsmarted them all!

When something is wrong, it’s always because of French.
Your information is probably wrong, yup…

i found out via twitter, someone posted a link,

admin and mods, if i was wrong to post the link please remove it. dont ban me bro! :dance: