So I've created a spacebuild server :3

So I bought a 10 slot server off Xenon, and ended up throwing Spacebuild 3 on it and all the addons necessary for a good ole’ space travelin fun.

I really don’t want to make it public, as half the nitwits who join servers off the OSL can’t get the rope tool to work.

So does anyone want to hop on and have a good time without pubbies ruining all the fun? :smiley:

The server is running the following(uptodate SVN’s):


Hit me up with a PM or something and I’ll throw you the info :3

Sent you a PM, don’t know if you got it.

I did receive it ^.^, sent you my info I’ve got 200 or so more files to ftp into the server then I’m going to hop on.

Install Stargate and Gas Systems 2, Black Hole Cache and CAP Then i’ll join.

Why would you want the blackhole cache? It completely ruins the point of life support. It makes it take no effort whatsoever.

I’ll install SG, GS2 was already on the server I just forgot to list it.

Also, no on the BHC it isn’t hard to setup a few generators a RC and a a node all can be put to weight 1.