So just how big REALLY is rust? (MUST SEE, Lots of pictures.)

**Firstly I’m not sure if this has already been posted and if it has I’m sorry. **

So I decided to travel onto the massive mountain in the north and noticed there was more land / trees / hills… I decided to travel there it took me over 30 mins if not longer travelling around kinda lost track of time. There are only trees nothing else spawns. Just shows how massive this game is going to be.

Anyway here are the screenshots of my “adventure”

Server: [Dev]CookieMonsterPK

Welcome to rust’s Current map:

This is the other side of the mountain:

These are random screenshots from the other side:

Sorry if some of the pictures are slightly of the same place was just trying to get across the massive size of the map, I’m not even sure if you could reach this area in the past patches? would be nice to know though.

Sorry if the thread isn’t the best, Enjoy and thanks for your time :smiley:

nice =D

Nice, would be a good idea to implement a basic map and compass though, one that does not show your location you need to work it out yourself.

I totally agree something craftable maybe? when I first started I got lost alot took me a few days of playing to get used to it. This extra part of the map if/when it comes into release properly new players and existing will get lost easily

Yeah, should be craftable. Maybe using metal shard (magnetic) to craft a compass and animal hides and charcoal to create a basic map, nothing fancy but you can upgrade it to include more details. I am totally opposed to having a map show your location though, it should be as basic as possible.

Last night I circled the entire map as well looking for a team of raiders. I followed the coast all the way around and I am amazed at how large this map is for the Unity engine. The road that circles the main building areas is probably around 1/10th of the entire map. The size is easily equal to that of DayZ or WarZ’ map. I do hope the developers plan to expand more prefabricated buildings in the future to those areas. It seems like such a waste of map knowing that a majority of players are not even aware of all the flat open locations to build on.

Right now the game map is kind of tiny, when they add resources into these deserted areas it’ll be actually very big. Looking good!

The current level is 256 square kilometers, but we’re constraining players to a tiny area of about 6.

The future level will be 64 square kilometers but everything will be used.

We won’t even be using this map when the game goes live.

Any idea on what map they will be using? Will their be a use for the sea, if their is any of course. :slight_smile:

Thats pretty cool to hear how big the map will end up being, thanks for the reply :smiley:

Fantastic news. Do you have any plans to add additional structures for flavor that are not just simple buildings? For example a school yard, airport, military base, shopping mall as well as random “clutter” to fill in the endless empty fields. All of these structures would be decayed of course to keep with the feel of Rust.

You mean other than kill you when you go skinny-dipping? :x

Yeah uses of lakes or the sea would be pretty cool? unless they put in some lore like its toxic then its understandable :smiley:

Well, i thought maybe give the m4 brandishing greiffers a nuclear sub or something heheh.

Fishing would be cool.

The sea is more than likely irradiated!

Explains why our naked bodies can’t withstand the sea :frowning:

Any idea of a time frame in which this might be added? I’d love a larger area to explore and it would help with server lag I’d think since everyone wouldn’t be building their bases in the same areas.

None at the moment, sorry.

Any idea if fishing will be in this game? Maybe a hint?