So.. just how meny?

So just how many people have been BANNED from commenting on anymore?

Then ask how many of them have been banned for stupid reason’s that relate to you speaking the truth?

What I’m Trying to point out is what ever happened to freedom of speech? I for one am a strong believer that a person "ID’d and Real" should have the** DAMN RIGHT** to say what he or she wants as long as its in a none spam way. If it has reason they should have the LAW to say what they feel fit too. The ban system on the site right now is like siting in the room with the worlds quickest angry getting old man ever and one peep means your “gonna” get shot in the foot. *
I wanna start a petition to allow free speech on
* And before you start bashing me for being troll or alike I just wanna point out that I am banned for over commenting and being rude and uncanny. For all I know Garry himself banned me from commenting, I don’t care about that… nor that I can’t comment anymore on even my own map posts (and by the way i respect Garry for everything he and anyone else who help do gods work).

but bottom line, this is not just one man being angry but many others who feel wronged (even if the case of said person was really rude, ITS FREEDOM! and last time i checked freedom is good).

-sign and have your name down below-

Your right to free speech doesn’t exist on the internet. Stop being butthurt.

and whos to saay! sry if it is being butthurt but im not just speaking about rude people just anyone in general who had this wrong happen… I mean sure theres things your can’t say like all that bad stuff but im talking like… you should be able to say a persons map sucks without risk of ban, people need the truth and again whos to say internet can’t have free speech? internet should be as much real as the real world itself, some people live in it more then real life anyways (not me but i know your not gonna take my word on that lol). Criticise me idc, its your freedom to just like its mine too.

What? I think no one deserves “Free Speech” due to how many retards go around posting annoying shit like “First” or even the note above the comments. If you gotten fully banned, then that’s your fault. It’s Garry’s rules and only his rules. Just like some people say “Don’t like it? Deal with it.”

There’s too many retards about to allow “free speech”. So no, no un-ban for you.

I suggest you try making your own free gmod addons site.

He won’t be able to since he’s banned. So pretty much he can’t do anything. And no, no one should make another website when a lot of little kids will be stealing others work and posting it as theirs on the other websites. Which is really ridiculous. So please don’t even support the kid he just thinks he shouldn’t be banned for spamming like an asshole to others on disqus.

This isn’t a democracy.

I support free market. If something doesn’t work then it doesn’t stay around very long. If something works then it’s kept and we get something better.

Ever heard of private property in real life? Well, websites are basically the same thing. People have rules over their property in real life, just as a website owner would have rules over their website. People can make people leave their property if they wish, and if they don’t, the cops get involved. On a website, it’s not quite the same, but technically, you’re being “forced out of their property”.

So yes, you can go ahead and keep the “one peep and the old man shoots you” idea, but it isn’t that brutal. It’s life. Follow the rules of where you are.

A system that bans you for telling the maker of “KOOL GMAN BG” that their backgrounds are terrible is messed up. Under this system, you have two choices. One, you can suck up to everything- no matter how bad or stupid it is. Two, you can be banned for “trolling”.

How is this a comments system at all? A comment system should provide feedback- it should not provide nothing but 100% lavishing praise! How can this be a feedback system if there is a stigma against posting anything negative? It’s like having a “comment box” at a company where you can leave semi-anonymous comments, but before the comment can go in, it has to be checked. If it’s anything negative at all, you’re kicked out the front door and denied the ability to get what you paid for.

Yes, what you paid for- you spend money on Garrysmod not just for the base game, but for the addons! But if you are banned from for “trolling” (anything such as, oh, posting a negative comment), you no longer have access to this fundamental part of Garrysmod. You then have to go search around other non-official Garrysmod content sites which have much more limited selections of SWEPs, STOOLs, and maps.

I’m all for banning people who make posts like this:

But I’m not for banning people who provide honest negative feedback, like:

Notice the difference! Case #1 is just plain stupid, and case #2 is spam. Case #3 is someone being honest- and saying why they dislike/hate the upload. All I am saying here is that this system of “like or GTFO” is just plain wrong for a so-called feedback system.

@Witty Name - According to many of the replies to this thread, and elsewhere, I do not believe many people wish to have a -comments- or a -feedback- function. I’m completely with you on the part of wanting one though. This is one reason why I suggest creating alternatives because the mainstream generally lacks these features that I personally really like and think are important to creating good content. Though, I’ve never posted any comments on and rarely read them, mostly just because I already assume that they aren’t a -feedback- or -comments- feature, so I don’t really have all that much experience with the things posted on

Yeah, more rimlanin!


Less memeshit is a good thing.

As far as I remember, you have to sign a little thing called the “Terms of Use/Terms of Service” when you register for Disqus.

Under that, you agree that the proprietor of the website has the right to remove your comments for whatever reason they see fit, and ban your account.



He should learn how to spell before we can take him seriously. :sigh:

free speech you say?

free speech is a right to you as long as you don’t violate the following terms:
-“no discrimination”
-“no offensive speech(that means being an ass somewhere)”
-“no spreading of hatred”

i hate grammar Nazi’s… why we acting prefect in a non prefect world… even if its just the littlest messed up spelling in it and no one else noticed beside people who have no lifes but to point out spell checks on the internet… you did understood it tho right??! i bet… if you didn’t then clearly your less serious then i am

oooh very right… point proven… but little part rigght there that says “whatever reason they see fit”… now i can’t fight the fact i don’t know who they are nor was the reason i was banned pointed out… like others who didn’t know either… i mean i like the way they deal with the shit comments on the site but more then half the time their gonna be banning more then their caring about the comment, which likely leads to shorten unneeded bans… was mine likely needed? yeaah i think so lol… but is an endless ban what should be given now without any way of fighting it even if I tryed to be more good… its sorta like prison i guess… bad people go in and come out still bad… sorta how im feeling i guess… and im sure other people too… sorta just treated like all the others spammers and hate commenters… its just not fair are ban never end like their bans neverdo either… even if you banned being a real douch… what happened to the 3stikes your out system?? your just banned and you can’t change that… i mean im be angry i can’t comment on my own comments about my maps but im sure other peoples reason will be better :\

Were not acting perfect, but if you speak English, your supposed to speak it correctly

Learn to make some fucking sense.