So, latley, I've been abit of an ass towards some people around here...

Now, I’ve worked alot on developing my community day in and day out, my constant stress and tiredom tends to sometimes thin the fine line between comprehending roleplaying elitism, and none-roleplaying-elitism. So I may have sometimes gotten abit carried away to some folks around here from time to time, and I’d like to apologize.

Not to everyone, far from everyone, if you’re a dumbass elitist who can’t
roleplay properly without coding doing it for you, then I will always shine the brightest spotlight there is on your neverending incompetence. If you act like a jerk towards one of the most briliant roleplaying scripts there is out there, then I’ll always throw a rant and enjoy the positive feedbacks I get from my community afterwards. Sure, a large portion of the people using DarkRP are minges at it, but I’m sure alot of people breathing oxygen are morons, and alot of people drinking water are morons too. Because around stuff that’s common, there will always be morons, and it’s not the stuff they use that makes them morons, it’s the fact that they are indeed morons that makes them morons, so please, stop making this stupid and illogical connection between minges and DarkRP, because it just dosn’t work that way. If you want proof, ask any member of RRP.

Or Tommofandan, he’s bound to drop by any moment now.

you’re supposed to be a jerk after you get admin

Yeah, I like to be one step ahead…

No shit.

So I’m guessing your one?

Nope, can’t really think of any.

Oh, yeah, thanks Vince, I was too busy owning that other guy.



Well, I can’t…!

You’re not seriously that dumb are you?

Its cool mate, no bother.

Not really, just, I like to take expressions seriously for the fun of it.

You linked me xD.

Why are you advertising relentless on Facepunch

that is not a good thing to do

Only if you don’t get away with it.