So let's set the world on Fire.

“We can burn brighter. Than the Suuuuuuuuun~.”

I guess I got bored and listened to “We are Young” too much. And so uhm… This exists now.

You get a 3.9 out of 7 because I hate that song.

If I didn’t say that, what score would I get originally?

6.5 with bonus rubber mumpkin.

The fire effects for some reason kinda take me out of it. I’m not sure why but they just seem too white and not enough reddish-orange.

I’m actually really liking it, though his left hand triggers me

I think that with the brightness of that fire, the highlights and rim lighting would overall be much brighter for the soldier. Look at Agilor’s painted highlights to get a sense of what I mean.

Looks like a good game. Nice one.