So little of content?

I first played Rust in june , when the big bang hype happened, its been about 3 months ago. But since from that,just a few things were added.I just want to ask , will rust be set as a simple pvp game with sandbox elements limited to build house from 1 material or will it be more like 7 days to die where you have really a lot of building materials and stuff which you can craft into many cool things?

I would hope it would remain somewhat simple. I love the simplicity in this game.

Why do people compare this game to 7 days to die?

Have i compared it ? I just asked which direstion is the rust going on. I dont like the empty houses and no content thing in rust.

It is starting to become a money scam, as its made 100k and only 3 servers are active.

How is it a money scam? Players are literally choosing themselves to pay $50 for it.

I say it’s gotten better over the last 2 months or so, but whatever floats your boat.

it’s an early alpha what are you talking about

Uh what, you voluntarily buy access to the alpha which they explicitly state numerous times is unfinished and subject to wipes etc.

Nothing about this is a scam, the money raised is irrelevant.

I don’t know if those of you who are unhappy with progress read the blog on the front page much but you can see they’ve been making steady progress for awhile.

I really enjoy the game though I’m starting to get both bored and tired of the game due to the lack of map utilized at the moment. I hate being restricted to a small area to harvest materials. I either live within the area and get raided constantly or live outside of it and get killed by kevlar M4’d men every time I try to make a trip in to gather wood.

I really wish people would stop comparing this game to one that’s already been finished. It’s not even in beta yet, stop assuming that this is all there’s going to be, please.

Whoever said its a money scam is clueless…
And currently I liked the simplicity better, gather, build, kill! All it needs is more weapons, more maps(bigger maps) a few more servers(5-10) and possibly cars for the bigger maps. Just my opinion and there probably is more to add!

Generally, when you are developing a game with a small team, you need to prioritize things to work on first.

First, you need an engine to run the game on in the first place. The design limitations of the engine will decide the technical parameters for everything else that you create for the engine, such as textures, models, and graphical effects. Game engines, being made out of tons of code, also often have bugs introduced, so it takes a lot of work to make the engine both working and working relatively bug-free.

Once you have the engine in a reasonable state of working, you start making all the content. The engine parameters are now set (mostly), so you have safe numbers to rely on when making assets, and it’s much less likely that you’ll have to scrap everything and start over because the engine suddenly changed and is incompatible with what you’ve already made.

On a large developer team, like what you’d find at an Ubisoft or a Gearbox or even a Valve, there will be people tasked with making content, and other people tasked with coding the engine, and these groups of people will be working independently at the same time. In those cases, the engine limitations are either known (because they’re using an existing engine) or set out in specifications and standards that the coders have to meet in order for the content guys’ work to be compatible.

On a smaller team, you may not have the resources to have everyone working in a different department, and instead things get worked on as they need to get finished and as the devs work on them.

I cannot speak for the Rust team and their current priorities, but generally speaking, we’ve seen engine improvements more than a huge push for content lately, so it’s likely that they’re focusing on getting the engine right, and that’s why there isn’t a ton of content coming out.

You really need to search the forums. There has been alot of talk about this. There is alot more to come.