So many add-ons to choose from, could use a list of essentials

Hello, I recently downloaded GMod and saw all of these add-ons on

I thought, maybe if I downloaded the most downloaded items, I’ll be set to join most servers.

But, I found that there were newer versions of the ones in the most downloaded list. However, they were quite hard to find, and some had duplicates which made me question which one to get.

Then I saw this stuff about SVN. What’s the difference between getting the SVN PHX3 pack and going on and getting the PHX3 pack?

Where can I download a free SVN client?

What my real question is, though, is what are the most essential add-ons for Garry’s Mod?

If you all could be kind enough to make a list with links to each add-on, that would be great, and hopefully get me up to speed on what’s going on.

Thanks in advance.

SVN is more updated.

Tortoise is a good one.

Wiremod and PHX, maybe Fading Door Tool and Keypad depending on what you do.

The advantages of SVNs are that if there’s an update released to the pack, you can easily update by right clicking the file and choosing “SVN Update.” Thus avoiding having to re-download the pack every day.

Go to Google and search “Tortoise SVN” or something like that. To find a client.

Essentially, I feel that all you need is PHX, unless you want to bother to learn Wire. Spacebuild and LifeSupport are nearly obsolete.

Some tools you should download are:


Tortoise SVN is the best SVN.Although i had SOME problems with setting it up :smith:

Care to provide links? Or how about the correct urls to enter in the “SVN Checkout” for PHX3 and Wiremod?

Tons of awesome mod’s SVN links here:

popular maps are good to download too, it will reduce connect time to a server if you already have a specific map and some maps that download from game servers dont download properly thus making you have some weird effects when you join.

Only in the case that the map has custom textures which are not compiled into the map.

Advanced Duplicator is good.

PHX3 - Construction.
Wire - Construction/Build
Stacker - Don’t build shitty things.
No Collide Multi - For shit that needs it.
Weld multi - No Collides friend.
SmartSnap - You’re going to love this.
Unbreakable - need this for wooden things, you don’t want breaking.
Buoyancy - floating shit on water.

When you download SVN wire, it’ll come with Easy Precision.
Which you will love to use.


Mad cow’s Weapons are awesome.
All others, they’re w/e.

Thanks for all the replies.

What about these “kermite’s weapons”? Are they any good?

Also, where can I find the svn link for the latest DarkRP?

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