So much comment spam

Example 1:

Something somewhat useful and is spammed with facepalms, rickroll facepalms, and FAIL text.

Srly, wat.

It’s starting to get annoying.
I’m thinking comments will be removed again.

Did they not like your Kill Breen Mission? :v:

I fail to see how the example in the OP is good in any way.

It’s good because mindless meme spammers are trying to be funny by posting ASCII they didn’t even make, probably, in the comment page of a perfectly fine addon, that’s well made.

EPik faiL!!!
LOL !!!


It’s just garryboi being a dumb@ss. Ignore him. He spams all good addons and not nearly enough bad ones.

Copy and Past should be disabled for the spam :confused:

Personally,I think random spaming is just BAD.
You need to say whats wrong with someone’s addon, Instead of posting a shitload of facepalms and adding idiotic quotes to it.

How are female metropolice “usefull”?

Its pathetic, they even do it to good addons. I can understand it on the ‘Kill Breen Missions’ and crappy saves and advanced duplicator files, but its getting out of hand. I don’t like having to look for feedback from other people about an addon to find out about it, in between scrolling through loads of facepalms and ‘You fail at garrys mod’.

Comments are kind of existing for spam. Any good addon has a facepunch theard and its allright. Would it possible to make something like a theard opened in the site?
Like this, paint 2 min work -

That doesn’t make any sense. What you just said was “It’s good because people hate it.” How in the fuck is this well made?

Um, I don’t know, making comics and NPC wars?

Also, the comment section is just another nail in’s coffin.

I hate that site more and more, that posting comments is futile.

I like that whole, You suck at Garry’s mod, uninstall steam and play mw2, and someone replies to that comment, “but what if I play Mw2 on steam?” :smiley: