So much stuff missing!

I don’t know what happened, but ever since a few days ago, content hasn’t been mounting in GMod. Newly added addons, Workshop icons, start-up backgrounds, and a ton of textures just won’t show up anymore. What happened? Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem?

verify your garrysmod game cache.
or re install Gmod

I understand what you mean. All the textures I downloaded from a Gmod Workshop should be in the addon. However, the texture isn’t attaching correctly on the model.

Alright, I’m still have the same problems, but I looked at the console and found some things that might help find a solution…

Not loading addon ‘addons/fireworks_117142677.gma’ - file doesn’t exist
Couldn’t mount addon [Fireworks][addons/fireworks_117142677.gma]
Removing bad addon addons/fireworks_117142677.gma

I get this for every addon I most recently downloaded. Not sure why it doesn’t think they exist. They’re right there in the Workshop. Then again, the Workshop itself doesn’t show up right in-game, either. No icons show up and I haven’t been able to open a browser window in-game for the Workshop for over a month.

And I’m getting a lot of material errors and "no such variable"s… What’s going on? It wasn’t like this before this week…

Okay, update. It’s all fixed. Turns out the addon limit was messing everything up. I just deleted some I didn’t need and everything works again.

…Now the only problem is the fact that there’s an addon limit at all.