So my guide got shadowbanned...

Screw whoever moderates Steam guides for Gmod. My guide “Why Builders Hate Workshop Dupes” got shadowbanned. Unlisted and erased from all searches and categories, but not from my own profile. No notifications whatsoever.

You wanna know why?

Because the pictures had the uncensored words “piss”, “hell”, “crap” and “damn”.

It used to be the 9th highest rated Gmod guide of all time, now it’s only visible to those who go digging through my profile. I had to reupload a censored version of it.
Fucking hell.

Something tells me “Why X” is not a guide.

You’d be surprised. In it I explain to beginners in detail why other players might lash out against them for using workshop duplications. 5 pages detailing the player attitudes and the in-depth reasons behind them, even explaining the mentality behind why seasoned builders rarely share their creations.

See for yourself. Link to censored version.

Abusive language also isn’t allowed in Steam user created content.

You also broke the rule of “Re-post Closed, Modified, Deleted Content” now

What the hell, censorship belongs in russia, not there.

I didn’t make the rules you know, and I don’t see how what I just posted is censorship anyway.

Either way I am not censoring anyone.

Guide is nice, there’s no need bashing on it. Tbh dupes should be removed from workshop.

Exactly what I was saying…

Oh what the hell… The old guide is now somehow back. Well I feel beyond stupid now. Made the censored version hidden. Still gonna keep it around tho, just in case.

I’d be careful with the language though, could get taken down and there’s no need for it to get your point across. Still a decent guide though.

Well, the strongest expressions in the whole thing were “piss off” and “get the hell out”. And one “full of crap”.

Something tells me “how to have sex wit ur mom” and similar levels of lowbrow tier bullshit is not a guide either, but they’re there and they show up in searches. :why: I would argue that Nerd Koopa’s guide qualifies as a how-to, since it explicitly states what to do, what not to do, and how you can start learning for yourself and the like, instead of just saying “DUPES R DUM AND UR DUM 4 USING THEM GO DIE LOL” and that be the end of story.

On the subject of Steam’s community guidelines (which I know you can’t handle Robotboy, I’m just mentioning this in general so I don’t have to post twice), censoring swears is the dumbest thing. Especially minor hardly swears like piss, hell, crap and damn. Wtf do they do for guides with games that have swears in them as part of their gameplay?? “How to get to Hell” would be shadowbanned, despite the fact that it’s legit and the area in the game is literally called Hell. “How to get to H-E-DoubleHockeySticks/Heck” sounds absolutely immature, and might confuse players who are looking for guides to get past a certain point of the game.

I sincerely hate Steam sometimes.