So no patch and people are not allowed to comment anymore?

I understand content and redoing the net code takes time and effort and that they want to get it right but the fact that hacker’s are everywhere and can see threw walls and steal stuff threw walls and kill you threw walls still is just amazing two seconds of file editing and they can screw over hundreds of people on different server’s a day! Even worse is that currently its not even getting picked up on by vac ! (people have been doing it for months and months!)

I also loved how after reading racist/sexist/tons of swearing and even death threat’s in the comment section they have now gotten rid of it because some one posted erotic stories… Which they also deleted! It seems yet again that a company has taken one minor offence and blew it up into a huge thing that they will not tolerate and have now used that as an excuse to not allow any more direct comment’s on updates/devblog’s in other word’s they have just silenced anyone’s direct view’s or criticism’s of what they are currently creating or releasing which to me is pretty awful especially due to the state of the current game.

I would also like to point out that I have loved playing this game and that I fully understand alpha’s I have been in plenty but usually when there is game breaking things in the game the developer fix’s them pretty quickly or within a reasonable amount of time currently we have spent months waiting for the anti hacker patch (the one which stop’s no recoil and flying and so on) but they seem to be hell bent on making sure they do one Massive patch rather then the little patch’s that we have been used too.

Do you have any developing experience? The game we’ve been playing is basically a tech demo. A rough sketch. It’s what Facepunch intended to get a few people interested in funding their game so that they could make what they are working on now the meat and potatoes. They did not anticipate the kind of interest that was generated by their tech demo. There’s no game here. That’s what they’re making now. The architecture is being build. The foundation is being laid. Would you build a home on an poorly laid foundation?

Just be patient. Use the forums for your commenting. Let’s let Garry and his team show us what they’re working on. What “other developers” do doesn’t matter. This is Facepunch and Facepunch’s process. You’ve been let in on their process. It works for them, even if it isn’t working for you right now.

Exactly this. Think about it like building a house on an unstable foundation, you are just asking for trouble. Before you can build the house, you need a stable foundation. That foundation is thegame’s code. They are fixing the foundation before building, you just need more patience. As the old cliche goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

There’s a really cool game called Call of Duty you can play instead.

The CEO of Inifinity Ward says COD players are not gamers, hence COD is not a game. It was cool 9 years ago, but it’s just yearly reskin with nothing new to see now.

“At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

Do you have any pigeon selling experience?

Rust is a game and is sold as one it is not a “tech demo”.

It is currently being sold on steam as an early access game and just so you know early access is where people pay for a game (sometimes paying the full amount or a reduced rate ) so that the developer get’s a decent amount of funding for there game and so they can concentrate on other things like actually finishing the game it is also supposed to speed up the process of creating the game and is meant to stop them from having to get funding from outside sources which tend to try and influence what they do with the game “for example EA”. (it also comes with the same rules and regulations of selling fully finished game if you look at the steam t+a for example if they stopped now and walked away steam would have to refund everyone just like kickstarter)

I also have not been “let into there process” I like everyone else has paid for that privilege and just by looking at steam stat’s I can tell you right now that it is not working for them anymore! Do not get me wrong it is a good fun game but so was dayz and now look at how many people have stopped playing that and now wish they never bought it!

(funnily enough i have played all the cods but since cod4 its never been the same and is just been a reskin with less content and no modablity also cod5 was good but was very different)

Wow way to go. You just insulted the only reply that didn’t rate your OP as dumb.

What the developers say:
“We are in very early development. Some things work, some things don’t. We haven’t totally decided where the game is headed - so things will change. Things will change a lot. We might even make changes that you think are wrong. But we have a plan. It’s in our interest to make the game awesome - so please trust us.”

If you read that, bought the game, and expected something different than what they TOLD you that you were getting then that’s on you. No one can stop you from being stupid but you.

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Just for emphasis. This is from the FAQ.

Early Access
Rust is currently under active development. We are allowing people to play the game even though it isn’t finished.

What does that mean?
This means that everything could potentially change. Everything. We could decide that instead of walking around everyone should ride dragons and fire apples at each other. This is unlikely – but it’s the kind of thing to be aware of.

that whole company, jeez. mark rubin makes me rage with his lies and shady statements on twitter every new cod release. “there MIGHT be dedicated servers and modtools but we havent started working on them and i cant promise anything hurr durr just kidding will never happen off to my 1 year holiday till we start on the next cod kthxbai”

They actually switched to a 3 year dev cycle by adding Sledgehammer Studios to the mix. Lots don’t know this but it currently takes 2 years to produce a COD game, that’s why there has been two studios making them. So now we have three different companies producing the same rubbish every year instead of two and an extra year of development for each title. Sounds great right? Sounds like we might get some new innovative features right? Nope. They confirmed that we will not see any significant changes to the COD formula for the foreseeable future, as their sales are doing just fine. At least they’re not bullshitting us anymore, and at least the most recent title got the aggregate rating it deserved instead of the usual litany of 9/10 and 10/10 scores for the same ol’ repackaged shit.

You mean it takes 2 years to copy paste cutscenes well enough so noone will notice and reuse level entities so that the maps look almost like new stuff?

There isn’t an end-all patch to hackers, sorry. It’s a constant game of cat and mouse.

so i’m an old man but new to Rust, do exploits and cheats happen on official servers or is that just regarding non official stuff.

The rest of your entire post demonstrates you don’t fully understand.

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It’s worse on the official FP-run servers because they’re unmoderated. Private servers have their owners to be server admin, and while it often can lead to admin abuse, it’s not automatic.

They had racist/sexist/swearing/death threats posted all over their site and blew it up into something huge? Do you seriously not think that is a problem?

Jesus, somebody is posting death threats over this shit? I hate most of this community. Seriously. Doesn’t anybody remember Phil Fish? What do people expect to happen when they turn deving games into such a miserable process?

I think disabling comments more had to do with people starting to demand refunds then people posting fake stories about Garry and Co.

And if the game is a “tech demo” then I was lied to, I was told it was an alpha. I don’t pay for tech demos.

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Nobody on the dev team is calling Rust’s current state a tech demo, FatFlint.

The point was to say that a lot of what’s currently in Rust is prototyping and experimenting, not the final designs for mechanics. And, well, that’s kind of what happens in an alpha, so nobody’s being misled, people are just being impatient.

It’s getting tiring to read all of these threads…
Listen. Alpha. Let’s say they will release the final version of Rust 2016. Instead of releasing a trailer now and then release the game in two years they’re letting you play the game while they’re making it, to help it economicly and more effectively be able to fix broken parts of the game thanks to bugreports etc.

If you want a refund, read the FAQ on the official website or on the steampage and feel dumb over the fact that you payed for a game that you thought was released, even though it said “ALPHA, IT’S BROKEN AND NOT CLOSE TO BEING FINISHED”.

Then demand a refund to get your 20 dollars back so that you can what, go buy a candybar? It’s 20 bucks.

Yeah stop whining people, they made a new bear, a new hammer and a new barrel! They’re working their ass off can’t you see? /sarcasm off

Can’t believe the amount of carebears those devs have to cover for their lack of progress.

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