So... nothing done about the hackers?

I started playing this after reading there was an issue with hacking that had been taken care of with VAC or whatever. Well, it didn’t work. It’s pretty ridiculous that I spent twenty dollars to be killed in my house from someone that isn’t even in sight of me, losing my stuff over and over again. I could change servers, but I just deal with it on a different one too. Is anything seriously being done about this or are we just being left to have hours/days/weeks of legit play destroyed by idiots who can download scripts?

Don’t forget that the game is in early alpha still, the devs seem to not even know what the main mob threat will be yet. Huge chunks of gameplay aren’t in the game yet, most of those chunks probably haven’t even been thought of yet.
Cheaters are super annoying, everyone is annoyed by them, and I’m sure the devs are included in “everyone”
Obviously something will be done about it. VAC is still banning people, cheatpunch just came out and will likely need work. What do you suppose they do? Oh wait, let me guess “take millions of dollars and spend it at the fix-my-game store.”
No, that doesn’t exist. It’s going to take time. And patience. And a moderate understanding of what you actually paid $20 for.

Why don’t you read through the official blog and find out instead of just assuming nothing is being done?

hint: numerous hacks have been patched out, a new anticheat has been implemented along side VAC that has gotten over 6k hackers so far, and even more anti-cheat solutions are being looked into.