So now infinite map sizes are in the near future, does this mean we get awesome spacebuild games?

If you don’t know about it, it’s an awesome concept being worked on by the guy who already managed to create independent gravity on in ships (upsidedown and such) and removed all lag and death from walking around large moving contraptions.

It’s in the later part of this thread:

Infinate maps are impossible. All he can do (which has been done before) is some clever 3d work and teleporters.

If it looks exactly like an infinite map does it matter how it is done?


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Only less limited.

Then again you would need a massive engine remake to handle all that shit.

Maybe in the very great distant future? in a few decades?

And here i was thinking a gravity hull designator was impossible. Though i know a guy that made a mod where he had very small ship models and put them on a max limit map with a stars skybox and used small rocks here and there that turn out to be huge asteroids.

Yes because at the end of the day it’s not infinate. It’s just a loop of the current map of which doesn’t give you any additional space.

Minecraft does actually create infinate worlds, only the world isn’t there at the start, only a small portion of it is. The Gravity hull is possible because the engine pretty much supports it.

Are you sure you understand? It is layered like how the gravity hull works so it does actaully give you more space. You don’t interfere with people in the same place, so it acts EXACTLY like a huge map.

Dude that concept just blew my mind.

So effectively he’s working on an instancing system like I am (and have working).

I guess, it uses the tech from the gravity hull system itself.

I don’t think i for one understand. Infite maps are about infite as your computer allows them to be. The space can be defined as infite(x,y,z) but even if you’d have something simple as pointer to your own location you couldn’t really travel in this infite space forever because eventually you’d have your computer RAM filled with your location in the space.(x: 9999999999999999999999999999… and so on, ya i know you could multiply it with dimensions but its a crude example of simple space).

From what i’ve understood Source engine limits the map size and the amount of objects, I’m not sure why but i’d expect its probably to prevent lag. Yeah and of course because of the design of the engine, If you’re going to precatche the map you need to reserve memory for it because directly loading it would take too long considering the objects are complex and there’s no real way to predict the object properties effectively. You also have these complex map shapes and other properties which you need to load into the memory inorder to make the main calculations faster.

In minecraft you got very simple objects and basically no physics. So you’re saving a lot of computing power right here and your CPU will process it far more effectively because it’s a much more simplier enviroment.

From what I understand whether the maps will be infinite or not will be up to the map maker, they can simply be huge, modern computers can support far, far more than what the source engine allows, as evidenced by the fact that this map thing works, there is a video of it in the thread somewhere.

Yes i am aware that you could in theory make a really really huge map for source engine but if the map is not something like flatgrass you’re bound to run into problems because you have to store the map in memory with all its objects. And if you have one object per meter in space it’s obviously going to take much much longer time to process a map that’s 200 km long than something which is for example 2km long. And you still have to store those objects in the memory. So at the end it all depends on what you’re making. Even if you can with modern computers run a program that does something like this you’re bound to have trouble with framerates for example, because the program wont finish and output the frame before the calculations for it are finished. Yes you could just output it but you’d have a very buggy world by doing this and doing all the space magic in it

This is why spacebuild is a good idea, I don’t think source maps take much space anyway, could be wrong.

Edict limit. Source can have 2048 Networked and 2048 Unnetworked edicts (for an overall total of 4096 edicts). You’ll hit that limit long before you have all your bases and ships built.

I’m sorry what are edicts?


Thanks but not really helpful.

Look kid, it isn’t infinite. It just emulates having a huge amount of space by setting your position.

Edicts are memory allocated to give information about entities. Going over the allocated memory causes a crash - “No free edicts”

So let me get this straight, we won’t be getting to play spacebuild on huge space maps?