So OpenIV is updated now... [GTA V]

And we can rip from GTA V PC Version, including textures and, from what I understand, models. Would anyone be kind enough to upload the raw files for some characters, namely the main three? I would just like SMD or another universal format, and the texture files.

From what I read you can only view files not edit with the latest release so I doubt any extracting is possible at this time.

But isn’t that exactly what we want? Viewing. Editing would be changing game content, unless I’m mistaken and the article I read lied to me. If viewing refers to seeing a list of files, then that should’ve read listing files.

I doubt “viewing” was meant in the same vein as “being able to dump the raw files for you to play around with”.

No exporting yet

These tools take time, just give it a couple of days. Chances are the author is trying to enjoy the game first before putting full focus on the plugins.

Most likely with a bottle of vodka

Hes trying to decrypt the files. While you can view text files and textures in them, they have a different encryption from both GTA4 and the Consoles releases of 5, so you can’t actually remove them.

Most likely an anti-cheat measure.