So right beside my base a guy made this.. Wtf??

Neo-nazi’s are a prominent problem in the vast world of rust.

It’s funny because it’s offensive!

it’s runescape all over again

You made that.

In the most times this are little Kids which see this on an wall and has no idea what it is.
The other part are Idiots with an IQ so high as the Temperature in the Freezer.

Yeah from the position, the fact that you are there, with a m-4 makes me think you did this, took the pic, then came here for the reaction.

They know ur a jew

Those damned Jainists.

Who cares if he made it himself or not; its funny.

Yeah right.Racism is funny…ahahaha…Oh god pls give some Ppl a brain

just because one single group on this planet used this symbol for their bad behaviors doesn’t mean that a swastika was a peace and good symbol before …

i know the meaning of an swastika.But i think that the builder of this Pic doesnt mean it for peace.Cause the most of the ppl only knows this as an Hakenkreuz.Thats fact

I find racism hilarious (And i’m Jewish), and I would like to see what you have to say about it buddy

Judaism is not a race, its a religion. It would technically be genocide if there is not a name for trying to kill a religion.

-snip I was wrong-


Thats your point.I think a few Million Jews has an other Meaning

You find racism hilarious? Do you mean racist jokes, or actual racism? I’m hoping you mean racist jokes.

Racism is only funny when it’s an actual joke.
Please enlighten me to how a swastika is humorous.

It’s not about racism.