So, some asshole decided to file a false-DMCA against my community.
There’s the link to the email with my friend’s name in it. The gamemode is Flood, and I got it off, fixed it, added teams, a Q menu and a HUD, and revamped a whole bunch of shit with the gamemode.

Now, 2 days after it comes up, the owner of Sharpshooters files a DMCA against our community because he thinks it’s a leak of his gamemode. I know some guy from an old community who’s an expert in the law, but he hasn’t responded yet and I need help.

Is your server hosted in the USA or UK/Europe?

It’s hosted in the USA.

This is the owner, by the way. He was sent the email today by the guys at NFO.

Client “§§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|” spawned in server (<STEAM_0:1:12825187>.
§§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: Lol you know who i am C:
?UP | Aldahe: Sno shouldnt you be on sharp shooters?
?UP | Aldahe: c:
§§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: haha
§§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: you know you’re using a leak right?
?UP | Aldahe: What do you mean
§§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: this server is using a leak of my gamemode lol
§§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: it’ll be shut down if not removed.
§§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: Cya C:
Dropped “§§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|” from server<STEAM_0:1:12825187>

Are you referring to this version of the flood mod?

If so I am willing to host you as the content is publicly released by the creator. As long as you haven’t copied code or content from any other servers I’d even be willing to go to court over it for you.

To expand on this further if it is the leaked version I won’t be able to host you but if it’s anything by find me that is fine.

I wouldn’t worry about it, if you’re not using a leak there is no problem.

GarrysModRP where did you get the gamemode?
Sno aka AlphaWolf has had his gamemode leaked, so he did the logical thing and asked the people who posted it (someone who didn’t leak it) to remove it. The only NON leaked version is by someone that was made in early gmod12. So depending on your copy of the gamemode it may be a leaked version, which is why he asked (DMCA whatever) for it to be taken down.

added you on steam, thanks!

I’m sorry but that’s bullshit. If he wasn’t sure it was a leaked version of the gamemode he had no grounds to file a DMCA against him.

Unless there is something that sets his gamemode apart from the other flood gamemodes how would you even determine that?

I’m not defending the OP, but that’s really not okay to just send out DMCA’s to anyone running a publicly released gamemode.

That sucks.

Not really my thing to get into but if you’re being totally truthful than good luck.

It’s a leak of my gamemode, i created the team system it’s using.

he modified the menu a little but its still pretty much the same gamemode, i still have the 2012 version of it on my hard drive which the leak is based on.

Can you post a picture of what it looks like? Just to make sure it isn’t something generic anyone could make?

Apparently he is using

So yes while that gamemode could be a leaked version, I’m curious on why you haven’t had it removed after 1588 days (four years). Why is it still available for public download?

Assuming what he told me was actually true at any rate.

That’s not it at all, go on the server, then try out the gamemode, totally different.

3:05 PM - §§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: The flood team system, which does NOT use team.setup
3:05 PM - §§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: yes
3:05 PM - §§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: its not the same one
3:05 PM - §§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: check the menu
3:05 PM - §§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: then check my flood menu
3:06 PM - §§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: exactly teh same
3:06 PM - §§™Sno |Alpha Wolf|: just modfied

This is apparently what he DMCA’d over, probably a few lines with team.SetUp that he thinks is so completely important that he needs to DMCA the competition. Killslick Jr. over here.

could you prove it then? after all, looks like i wasted hours of my time fixing up the errors it had saturday. if it really was your’s, boy was it shit!

Let me quote the OP for you:

Just because his server has teams doesn’t mean its your leaked gamemode. Was there any indication that it was the same code/GUI? If not your accusations are groundless.

Yes there are other ways to prove it, hold on and i’ll do my best to do so.

i swear if this is about the scoreboard i’ll laugh like hell because it’s just the sandbox one with colors and more columns

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i don’t even use team.SetUp
if you want i’ll even show you the entire file that i coded mostly myself!

also, pics!

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also this, sorry for posting the same pic twice