So starvation is being removed from the game?

… because once I place a sleeping bag, if I get hungry I can suicide next to it, then re-spawn and harvest my own corpse?? Easy food!

Seems like there has to be some negative effects from eating human meat, particularly your own! Garry joked about kuru but that’s a pretty neat idea. So if you eat someone who was a cannibal themselves you get sick.

Cannibalism as a whole fits in nicely with the survival element though, so well done team…

The diseases seem logical, also some negatives to dying would make a difference.

You probably shouldn’t be able to eat yourself, but, that won’t stop people just killing each other and sharing each others bodies.

To get kuru you need to eat someone who already has it so maybe you should just occasionally spawn with a neutral debuff that says you have a non lethal strain of kuru? then when someone eats you they get the real thing.

Not entirely sure why a lot of people are acting like this is a new phenomenon. Before cannibalism, it was still easy to circumvent hunger by committing suicide when your hunger was low.

Also, there is no such thing as non-lethal Kuru.

It doesnt matter if there is no such thing. there’s also no such thing as wolves that drop chicken breasts, but that happens on a regular basis. If it helps with the gameplay then i’m all for it

Might as well and call it something else, then. Kuru is a degenerative disease that directly kills off your brain. There is no way to twist that without making up some bullshit/non-existent explanation. And doing something like that is a pretty good way to spit into the face of suspension of belief. Piss poor example with the wolves, anyways: the only reason they drop chicken breasts is because they have not gotten around to changing that particular placeholder just yet. They will not always drop chicken breasts as meat.

I’d expect that moving forward death will carry consequences. Perhaps not as strict as I’d ideally like but at the very least I’d bet you can expect to lose some amount of crafting knowledge.

Losing knowledge of crafting or some other small yet fundamental skill on death. would be an awesome feature in my mind. As long as PVP is more balanced or less common place etc.

I doubt anyone takes it as seriously as you and no need to insult his example its a good one to explain how the game didnt go off of realistic features obviously no one is going to go and read 100 pages of the Kuru disease like you did…

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back to the topic:)

i have no issues with cannibalism in its current form; personally don’t think prion diseases are relevent in terms of gamplay, especially given the number of potential diseases you could get eating wolf, bear, deer and chicken meats, nevermind the less than hygenic food prep practices that come about from harvesting meat with an axe or rock that you bash things to death with, and harvest sulphar and wood with.

that said, i do see a potential issue with getting food from your corpse. potentially this could be resolved by disallowing harvesting of your own body, ie you can loot it still, but hitting it doesn’t yield meat or bones. other players bodies work normally, and other players can harvest yours. this would prevent self eating, but allow buddy eating which is still pretty realistic.

i do see a potential issue with this fix in that person A harvests person B, then just drops the meat for person B to collect or eat. but at least it would prevent a single player from chewing his corpse. might be redundant though if you can still suicide/intentionally die to reset your stamina.

You suicide and gain food either way?

Since when is food in such short supply? maybe in nowhere but at least now you have a source of food.

If the meat just boost food and not hp who cares if people waste slots with human mean people are scared of cannibals lol

You’re the one with a problem if cannibalism bothers you this much but seeing a dick 90% of your time on rust doesnt

Who are you even talking to? :stuck_out_tongue: Not a single person in this thread has stated they have a problem with cannibalism.

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Good discussion.

Someone mentioned ‘when are you ever short of food?’ This is a good point- for a survival game, there SHOULD be a shortage of food. Just like if you are out of shelter for the night you should come pretty close to death.

If I am trying to kill another player, it should be to steal his food, or if I am raiding him it should be to steal his shelter, not to take his M4 rifle and kevlar.

Garry and team are heading in this direction with the development or coldness, wetness etc. I hope they take it as far as they should in a survival game. Make me fight to survive!!!

maybe a possible side-effect is once you partake in cannibalism your craving for other types of food ( animals, berries, canned food) doesn’t give the same amount of benefit as it once did before?

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