So the GUI has changed again but ever present bugs persist..

So, thats like 3 times this week the GUI has changed. Please stop animals scooting off, fix speedtree, fix bugs so we can actually do something… the GUI is fecking fine for now!

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What are you on about friend. You do realize this is an alpha stage game. They are doing fine with dev so just be paitent and play with what we have. There is plenty to do and to test

I totally understand, I’m a fan of Rust. My point is, they seem to spend more time redesigning the GUI than fixing bugs like gitched speedtree, animals scooting off after you kill them. Yesterday the GUI changed to icons on the left in horizontal format, now its on the right in vertical format… These seem to me as cosmetic, not game changing.

Its kinda like no matter what spolier, paint, stripes or stickers you put on a 1.2 Corsa, it’s still a 1.2 Corsa pile of shite :smiley:

Animals scooting, yeah, I saw this last night when I updated my server, it kinda sucked, as I build my place near the water on a hill, and all the animals I killed slided down into the water, hell, even Carl Lewis wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Well fuk me! New update… Animals now stay still when dead and trees look fixed!

Gui looks nice aswell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Changing the GUI is fine as long as the core programmers don’t waste their time with that.
Sure a nice GUI is important but I bet it’s the least important thing to gamers right now in this early version.

Focus on implementing rad towns and blue prints.


Who says there will even be rad towns or blue prints in this version. Crafting with upgrading seems to work fine without blue prints and i like the lack of radiation

Hey, guess what the wolf monuments are.

A test of the landmark spawning system.

Know what radtowns are?


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garry is thinking (but not 100% on) a way of having blueprints use the Steam Community Marketplace, like BattleBlock Theatre does with heads, and so on. So, blueprints are planned, just not necessarily exactly the way they were implemented in legacy.

My point was that we should not be expecting things to follow legacy at all. Rad towns being radioactive i hope does not make it in. Its almost overdone in post appocolypse scenarios, i would love to see just old deserted cities. Maybe a virus took out society? Maybe it something unheard of, wouldnt that be nice? Something new and creative in entertainment