So these are the Western Isles?, AAAWWWWW YEEEAAAAHHHHHH, knight enjoying paradise, contains Noodtitties

Sir Bloodstone FannyMagnet be gettin’ all the fine Argonians

lodes o emoney

Hes not gonna be rich for long if he keeps soaking his money.

Bitches ain’t got nothin’ on me

What are those glasses from? I always see them in machinmas yet I can never find the model…

Hahahah… Boobies… :v:

Kathar’s model pack, contains loads of usefull comic props, including the flag and wine glasses you see before you

Are those Argonian models publicly released anywhere? Just curious. The pose is pretty damn awesome either way.

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Is it bad that I only just now noticed the knight is holding a Desert Eagle?

Thank you!

brb, making mufasa coach

I don’t see a maid outfit. :colbert:

sorry, private models of a friend

thats to bad