So this game just showed up on Steam...

Looks so much like Rust. Even the grass appears the same. Anyway just found it interesting

Oh, and got me thinking if this game can make it on Steam, I’m sure Rust can even in alpha, not sure if the devs want to do that this early yet though

Too bad its been in development for over two years, I remember when the kickstarter began.

(although I don’t know when rust began development either)

I’m sure they can get it on early access if they wanted but i think they want it on browser so they can put out faster updates. (and probably less hackers on browser based game)

It looks very similar to Rust, because it’s coded in Unity. Looks interesting though.

COMPLETELY different than rust in almost every regard. The only thing the same is Unity. I did a review of the current state for Dead Linger and the lead dev shut my thread down. So… I refuse to help test them if they wont accept criticism and positive feedback. I came here the very same day and haven’t looked back since.

Read my review for yourself:

I was pretty neutral in that thread. Hadn’t tried Rust out at all. Someone made a reply in a thread on Steam there and said, “Play rust”. I remembered I had been following this game before and jumped in to grab a key.

Rust will need to do two very important things before it can go to Steam (which they already said they would some day):

  1. Become a client and not browser game. I don’t think anything on Steam has ever launched from a browser like this.
  2. Most importantly, get the server problems hashed out (like the current DDoS issue).

Once they do that, they’ll be ready for the big time. When they do, they’ll be getting thousands of new players almost instantly. So they’ll need to be ready with multiple new servers.

from the looks of it, the graphics seem like they haven’t spent much time on them at all. i’d prefer they buy the megapacks from unity.

Graphics from this blow the doors off Dead Linger.

misleading thread title…

I don’t think making Rust into a client will be too difficult, since the guys who created Surgeon Simulator did just that! Browser game to steam in three months, using Unity. I am more then willing to wait though!

looks pretty cool
needs some Major AA in those screenshots.

Jeez what a misleading title, making us think Rust was on steam