"So this is Aachen?" Americans reaching Aachen.

Scene-build and pose by zupadupazupadude, edited by me.

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It would have been even greater picture if it had more rubble on the street. Otherwise it’s okay.

Smaller version.


lots of repeating textures.


I coudn`t find a model of a road or a street.

looks bland

Some of the debris looks really out of place, they should be closer to the buildings in my opinion. You also could have added fire or smoke coming from the destroyed vehicles, maybe some bullet hole or blood decals and corpses.

The angle is nice, but with more debris/shit and less noise it would have been better.

the town looks pretty…intact for a war-torn town

Nice models from resistance and liberation.
Try to find better skin for the american soldier.

Their aren`t destroyed german-style buildings so i had to do it with this

Kinda bland on the street.

Like the rest said, bland street needs more ruble and buildings needs to be more destroyed. But then again how to do it?

those are the 29th skins dude maybe they look bad because of the editing?

These are better then the 29th: http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/24864

The 101st didn`t even got to Aachen, the 29th did.

Yeah you’re right but his doesn’t change any thing, they are ugly.

In the thread of my 29th skins you said they were awsome, im confused

Me too…
I said that before I saw them on my computer they we’re big error.

cool, they are reaching the city where I live :v: