so u remove it but do nothiung about hackers gg

go go face punch shouldnt u be doing something good and not removeing stuff ?

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there is hakcers out there and u do nothing why wait all that time to ban someone and not do it right now ? i had a base with lots of stuff now im hits trees with a rock

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o the rust severs are down how about we work on that and not remove comments

(User was banned for this post ("wrong section/crap thread/spell properly/linking hacks" - postal))

yes because you see all the devs are on the forums going around looking for people talking about DDoS and hackers so they can remove all the proof :o oohhh you are a genius!!

no -_- forum mods are doing their job to stop you all spamming the damn forum and the devs are doing the job trying to fix the servers, you spamming the forum… here it goes… Does Not HELP! :open_mouth: Minnndd blown!!