So uh...literally nothing works.

I cannot do anything in G-Mod anymore other than spawn things. No Gravity Gun, no Physics Gun, no tools, no nothing…well, I have been able to use hydraulics and ropes, and that’s TONS of fun! -_- I’ve tried re-installing and deleting everything multiple times, verifying my cache integrity, etcetera etcetera, condump doesn’t show any errors…what do!!!

What’s the link to your Steam profile so we know you actually own Garry’s Mod?

he mentioned verification of cache integrity, can’t really do that with a pirated version

I fixed it. For some reason, installing Wiremod changed a bunch of my keybinds and I didn’t notice. The Fire Weapon command was assigned to Alt for some odd reason…?

It’s not wiremod doing that…

Well I sure didn’t do it. I haven’t touched my keybinds.

possibly a lua virus. it may be rare, but it is possible. though, i doubt it.