So... we REALLY need a better Gabe Newell Model, preferably TF2 style.

So as far as I know there’s only one model of our friend Mr. Newell…

It… uhm…
It needs to be updated, I think… the model not only looks kinda off, Gabe’s changed a bit since.

My request? Could someone on Facepunch perhaps make a much nicer-looking Gabe Newell Model in TF2 style? I assure you if it’s done, the people who will use it the most are gonna be people who use TF2 models.

Thanks. This is my first request… hope I did it right! :smiley:

looks like a good idea but I don’t think that anyone would make it

Unfortunately, it appears that way… :confused:

Unforunatly This request exceeds the size limits for a model

I know this thread is really old, but I felt that this needed to be posted here.

Just reskin the heavy :smiley:

Nah, heavy is too thin.

Oh yes, because we need more people insulting him and making immature fat jokes when we should be thanking him for what he’s done.

I want a Gabe model too

Please keep in mind that not all of us have a tendency towards making fun of Gabe. Besides, I find it immature and disrespectful to begin with.

To Gabe Newell: I feel terribly sorry for you having to put up with these sorts of shenanigans in the first place (in whatever form they may be).

Despite all of the jokes that I have seen on various sites like Youtube and here.

I think if I was going to make a ragdoll pose of him it would be something cool in his honour.

I’d totally stick with this reason for making a Gabe ragdoll in the first place. Safe, and appropriate.

there is a model out on tf2 its a pyro skin

Ill hex that model…

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