SO: Web player is gone? Mouse lag with steam gone?

So if I get an un-aimable amount of mouse lag in the steam client and not in the web player- will i never be able to aim fair again?

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Yeah, prolly so…

A game in alpha with problems will never improve anything. it is just named alpha for a few months, and then beta stage, just for fun! :slight_smile:

I had this issue as well, I changed the resolution from [fit my screen] to my appropriate screen resolution. I had not had issues with the web browser version and found this fixed my mouse’s lagging issue.

Check your memory and CPU usage when trying to play Rust. It’s possible that your CPU can’t handle the game and that’s where the mouse lag is coming from. Could be wrong.

I’m experiencing the same. Massive lag with the mouse, running it fullscreen on my monitor’s native resolution. At one point rust.exe did seem to be hogging a lot of my CPU usage, but on the web player it ran super smooth and I think a 2500k should run Rust well enough. Even lowered the graphics quality from the ingame menu, but didn’t seem to help.

On another note, excellent to have Rust on Steam. If only I’d get the mouse lag sorted out I’d get to playing again.