So what addons do ppl use these days?

Hi-ya all! I’ve been away from GMod for a long time now and I was wondering what addons and model packs are the ones to have these days. Im planing on getting Space Build and of course with that I’ll be grabbing the Space Entrancement Project for sure, but other than that I got no idea what I should get. O and links would be nice but I want blame ya for not including them, im lazy too… :dance:

WireMod is always good for more technical contraptions.

For building?
Advanced Duplicator (Included in the wire SVN)
Advanced Stacker
Easy Precision

too lazy to scroll down a page or 2 to see there are about 20 of these threads?

Gravity hull designator.

None. There’s far better stuff on ToyBox.

Correct! I am lazy. As previously stated in my original post. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Forgot about all those goodies.

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O, another quick question while I’m here. I remember there being some tool that was better than welding for keeping your constructions together but was real buggy at the time. Any one know what that tool is and whats a good version of it to get?

Smart welder?

Nice link. That’s defiantly all the tools I should ever need.

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No what I was thinking of was some how supposed link the objects together using something stronger than what ever mechanism welding uses.

It’s more of a gamemode than an addon, but Spacebuild and the extension pack are pretty awesome.

Haha, you can’t be serious.

Wow! If this does what it preaches then this is a rather important mod to have. Thanks.

Actually, the best stuff is on ToyBox, from high-quality SWEPs to very good entities and a lot of minigames, a lot of good props and vehicles, its all there. In fact, it is the only place where I don’t see stupid SWEP generator things uploaded every 5 seconds.

Sure, theres not wire or tools on there, but to hell with that.:v:

You idiot, OP wanted to know what addons and model packs he should download.

Actually, he asked what addons do people use :v:

no shit, nutnuts

De facto, they’re still addons

For god sake I never said they weren’t addons. Do everyone a favor and learn to read.

Then why did you bold it?