"So what am I looking at?" - The Dropbox


“It must be some kind of long range communication device…”

Nice and sharp, I like it.

Uh, So what am I looking at?

I’m looking at an ODST and a hunter.

“Looks like a garbage disposal…”

they are in spaceeee

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“To be honest Roger, I think we’re looking at a circular filing cabinet attached to a wheel, but that’s just me. I wouldn’t trust my necrotic eyes anyway.”


Lovely contrast.

However, the hand posing needs work, and you should always always finger pose them.

finger pose them to do what

look less default finger pose like, cuz they are hardly ever natural.

Look at your hand when it’s relaxed, I doubt all the fingers are bent the exact same way, etc. (hard to explain with my shitty english)

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Actually… they might… :v:

But to make the picture better, you should always finger pose, make the fingers more bent and stuff. Look at some of my pics for references if you don’t know what I mean.

“Dave where the fuck did your lips go”

fingers generally bend like they are in the picture lol i don’t know what you’re saying

Well yeah, I know… I was wrong about that part. >.<
But I find that if you finger pose their fingers to look different then the original default. It can make a big difference!
Let me show an example:


your finger is not naturally straightened like that

you would have to straighten it to make it look like that

Yeah I know… It’s not a big deal or anything. It’s not like I’m tryiong to say it was wrong or anything.

But imo, it looks more interesting when you finger pose them… idk.

yeah i forgive you

but son i’ve been doin this for years


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Just one last example of what I mean.

You see how the bottom one is alot more interesting solely due to the finger posing?