So what are the main mods for this game?

I haven’t been playing Gmod in ages and I would like to get back into it. I remember PHX2 and that is pretty much a need for the game. So far I’ve downloaded PHX3. Are there other popular ones that are a necessity to have?

Wire. That’s pretty much it (depending on what servers you go onto)

All I need is Sandbox and inspiration.

I don’t have any. Good thing because it keeps up my loading time, and your considered “Pro”. :smug:

Most used I’ve seen are:
Wire mod

Indeed. However you should get some STOOLS. They mite be useful. And model packs if you get in servers so you won’t see Errors “playing” around.

well, I wouldn’t say they’re nescessary, but I’d recommend:
Sleep ‘n’ wake STOOL
and Keypad 1.4