"So what do we got on this dead beauty? Zoey Kinski, f, w, 25... sad."




drop whatever fetish you have for chromatic abberation right now

Ah hell I thought I got it right for once. I’m trying to achieve that sharp and depth effect and only C.A manages to pull it out at least almost like I want it.

Holy shit what a flaming necrophile

Got ride of the Chromatic Abberation on first picture.

I’m trying to fold my arms like Coach, but I cannot for the life of me get them to bend like that naturally.

Your arms are fucked up bro.

Coach as a big bad “who’s yo’ daddy?” cop is awesome. Especially that facial hair.

I can do that just fine.

Is it just me or is the jpeg in the first one really bad?

Must be you, jpeg_quality 100 and recompressed on photoshop to 12. 2mb file.

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I can spot lot of aliasing tho, that could be why.

Edit : hnnng 100 not 10

That explains it :v:

Looks fine to me :v:

That’s what i want to see here! I just love that style of the first pic. Looks dirty, dark and realistic. Reminds me of Kane & Lynch: Dog Days!

Use dev_screenshot. It uses .tga’s…

Demoman will give it another shot, last time he tried he spotted little to no difference when it came to editing the picture.

I don’t think he’ll ever see your post pMnKy. :v:

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Oh wait.

eeehhhhhhh too sharp

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but also blurry

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who’s been fuckin with my medicine?

Check out Coach’s hand! O.o

needs more chromatic abbleration