So what exactly is happening with PHX3?

So Garry has added PHX3 models to GMod, but not the weapons or maps.

Now I obviously don’t want to have the PHX3 models twice, so I’ve disabled the PHX3 SVN addon, but I miss the tools.
Has a new SVN been set up for PHX3 that only includes the things Garry didn’t?

(I did attempt to search for this but “PHX” is too short a search term)

Why don’t you just keep the addon version but delete the models/materials/sounds folders? That should achieve what you’re looking for.

I did start doing that, I was just hoping there’d be an SVN for the weapons/maps instead of having to sort through the folders to see what I can get rid of.

Although hopefully I only need the lua and maps folders.

I’m with you ultradude25. While I appreciate Garry adding the PHX3 models, I also use the tools. They should have added everything, or at least had Phoenix-Storms create a separate SVN for everything not included. The question is…what is the best way to get ahold of the Phoenix team to make the SVN request?

Edit: Nevermind…I found his user account. :smile:

The following has been working for me so far, although it is only for people running a dedicated server:
Add the PHX3 SVN to your dedicated server but not the client. When the client connects, it automatically downloads the tools but not the models/materials/sounds.

On the down side, the tools are only available when connected to the server. As I’ve stated before, hopefully Phoenix-Storms will create a separate SVN of tools only.