"So what exactly IS my job?"

“Your job is whatever I tell you it is, now go put that box over there, and when you do carry it back here.”


“You missed a spot.”


Well the posing is nice, but don’t use gm_construct…

The combines are floating…

lol.It would be awesome if you used some other combine models.Its still awesome though :smiley: .Just…on the 2nd picture it looks like the combines are kinda floating.

It looks fine, stop complaining.

Nice posing. Models look awesome too.


Nice posing.

“I wanna see me reflection in dis floor, son!”

Nice posing, although (as said) they are floating in the pic 1.

Funny. The only bad part is the construct.

Someone’s got my fucking steam account

Where’d you get the Hi Res models?


I’m sure steam will get it back to you in about… a year.

Argh. I wish I still had zeem’s high res combine reskins.

including the extra desert and shotgun combine :frowning:


whoa, thanks!