So what will happen to rented servers with the new branch update?

Just wondering will the providers update to the new version of Rust?

Or will we only be able to have the old version… I have no idea?

Just seems like everyone will be playing the new version and we would like our server to be upgraded to it also…

Presumably if someone wanted to run a server on the older build then they would just not update… There may be a switch that gets added to the server.cfg that lets you choose what build, not sure.

Kind of worried, as our time to renew for another month is pretty soon… kind of want to know whats going to happen

I don’t think you need to worry about that now. Pure speculation, but I don’t think the experimental branch is anywhere near a rollout regarding community servers. They have to port lots of stuff from the current branch to the experimental branch and I expect this process to take many weeks if not months.

I was really hoping the last few weeks that a new update would be here in like 2/3 weeks. But those weeks have passed now and it looks like it will take at least 2/3 more weeks for sure.

Yes, that is quite disappointing. I was really looking forward for this friday’s update, but since Garry’s Trello Weerk won’t even have ended by then, I guess we’ll just get another status update.

I would really be satisfied if they could update the experimental branch with what’s avaible so far, maybe a tiny square island with one of each new animal model, one instance of each new world rock, one infinite woodpile, one unbreakable ore stone, and the possibility to place foundations and houses that would decay hourly, just so that we can mess around doing stuff other than littering the place with campfires.

Don’t look to the experimental branch for entertainment. At the moment, it’s completely for testing, and it’s for testing things that are ready to be tested.

So I read today that oxide and the plug ins will stop working as soon as the update happens, its on the oxide forums, so does that mean that other mods created like rust++ will stop working too?

It’s pretty much guaranteed that any massive update like this breaks all mods across the board in any game. Everything will need to be updated or completely rewritten to be compatible.

Most likely all mods will break. I don’t know much about mods but I’d assume they rely somewhat on the netcode which has been/is being completely ripped out and replaced.

Yeah I was kinda of thinking that after i had posted and also I run with Multiplay and they only support oxide, I hope that the plug in devs can get all the plugins update once rust devs get the oxide running with the new code they will implement.
I will post the link for the oxide news