So, what'cha thinking about?

Draw me like one of your Colhen girls.


Don’t know what it means but okay.

What’s with the cloth on her face?

her fingers scare the shit outta me

Probably a vampire mouth or something.

It’s part of her outfit.

I actually haven’t gotten to her in the game yet though…

Also, Colhen is the name of the town you do 90% of everything in. I was going for a “Draw me like one of your French girls” joke.

Jesus fuck

Now I generate Nightmare Fuel just by thinking about what the fuck is behind that cloth

I could be her bitch for you if you want.

Probably something along these lines.

these don’t seem that good

i don’t see anything wrong with your pictures but i don’t see anything that stands out to me either

Ha ha. She has a pretty normal mouth. I think she might have some “fangs” though. I saw a video where it shows her biting the player on the chest.

Think about getting a blowjob from that